Dare to Love Me (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

The story revolves around Shin Yoon-Bok and Kim Hong-Do. Yoon-Bok is a kind and principled young man from Seongsan village. He follows the Confucian ideals of discipline and respect. Hong-Do, on the other hand, is a free-spirited artist who’s tired of being taken for granted by those around her.

As their paths cross, their contrasting personalities lead to hilarious situations. Yoon-Bok’s politeness and respect clash with Hong-Do’s desire for someone to be more upfront with her.

Kim Myung-Soo as Shin Yoon-Bok – A disciple from Seongsan village who strictly follows Confucian ideals. He’s polite, disciplined, and prioritizes helping others.

Lee Yoo-Young as Kim Hong-Do – A free-spirited woman who craves respect and is tired of being treated carelessly by those around her.

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