Uncle Samsik (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Set in the 1960s, “Uncle Samsik” is a story about two men: their pride, their greed, and the unlikely bond that forms between them – a bromance. While the official synopsis is yet to be revealed, imaginations are running wild about the nature of their pursuits and how their contrasting personalities might clash or complement each other.

Song Kang-ho as Park Doo-chil / Uncle Samsik: Kim San’s partner whom he meets and commits that they will achieve their dreams together.

Byun Yo-han as Kim San: An elite graduate from the Korean Military Academy. He changed his major to economics while training in the United States and returns home with a dream of making Korea an industrial country.

With a stellar cast, a talented writer-director, and a intriguing premise set in a fascinating period, Uncle Samsik has all the makings of a must-watch K-drama!

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