The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Seo Hye-Jin is a seasoned Korean language teacher who has dedicated the past 14 years to a private educational institute in Gangnam, the ultra-competitive heart of South Korea’s private education scene. Disillusioned and questioning her future, Hye-Jin’s life takes an unexpected turn when her former student Lee Joon-Ho reappears after a decade.

Joon-Ho was once a troublemaker in Hye-Jin’s class. However, with her dedication and guidance, he managed to overcome his challenges and gain admission to a prestigious university. As they navigate their new roles as colleagues, their past connection sparks a secret and sweet romance.

Jung Ryeo-Won as Seo Hye-Jin: A dedicated but jaded veteran teacher at the Hagwon. Hye-Jin questions her career path and longs to pursue a forgotten dream.

Wi Ha-Joon as Lee Joon-Ho: Hye-Jin’s mischievous former student who becomes a fellow teacher. Joon-Ho harbors a secret affection for Hye-Jin from his high school days.

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