The Midnight Studio (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

“The Midnight Studio” tells the story of Seo Ki-joo, a unique photographer who captures the images of the deceased to help them find peace. He runs a studio that only opens at night for ghosts, continuing a family tradition as the seventh owner. His job is to assist these spirits, who are unable to move on, by giving them a sense of comfort through his photographs.

Ki-joo meets Han Bom, a lawyer who has faced difficulties in her career and is struggling to find new cases. Despite her challenges, she cannot stand injustice. When she discovers Ki-joo’s extraordinary ability and the existence of the photo studio, they form an unexpected partnership. Together, they work to help the spirits complete their unfinished business, combining their skills in a quest that brings them closer, potentially leading to love.

Joo Won as Seo Ki-joo: He is the photographer and the seventh owner of a photo studio that exclusively serves deceased clients, helping their spirits find peace.

Kwon Nara as Han Bom: A lawyer who cannot tolerate injustice. She comes across Seo Ki-joo and his unique studio, leading to an unusual partnership.

Yoo In-soo as Assistant Manager Go: The customer sales representative at the photo studio, likely assisting with the ghostly clientele.

Eum Moon-suk as Baek Nam-gu: A former homicide detective who now handles miscellaneous tasks at the photo studio, possibly dealing with the more mysterious aspects of their work.

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