The Atypical Family (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

The Bok family isn’t your typical family. Each member possesses a unique superpower. Bok Gwi-Joo can travel back in time, but only to relive happy memories, not change the past. This ability fuels depression, causing him to lose his power.

Modern life’s pressures take a toll on the entire family, with insomnia, bulimia, and smartphone addiction leading to their powers fading as well. Enter Do Da-Hae, a mysterious woman who intertwines her life with the Boks. Her arrival sparks change, and the family dynamic takes a new turn.

Bok Gwi-Joo (Jang Ki-Yong): The male lead, burdened by the limitations of his time travel power and eventually loses it due to depression.

Do Da-Hae (Chun Woo-Hee): The enigmatic woman who disrupts the Bok family’s dynamic and might hold the key to regaining their powers.

Bok Dong-Hee (Claudia Kim): Gwi-Joo’s mother, whose power is yet to be revealed.

Bok Man-heum (Go Doo-shim): Gwi-Joo’s grandmother, possibly with her own unique ability.

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