My Sweet Mobster (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Seo Ji-Hwan (Uhm Tae-Goo) is a former gangster who has traded his violent past for a suit and tie. Now a successful CEO, Ji-Hwan dedicates himself to dismantling criminal organizations and offering ex-convicts a chance to go straight by employing them in his company.

Go Eun-Ha (Han Sun-Hwa) is a bright and cheerful YouTuber known as “Mini Sister” to her young audience. Through her bubbly and positive children’s content, Eun-Ha unknowingly draws inspiration from her cherished childhood memories of Ji-Hwan, the only boy who befriended her when they were young.

Fate brings these two unlikely characters back together. Eun-Ha, still unaware of Ji-Hwan’s past, recognizes a spark of kindness beneath his gruff exterior. Ji-Hwan, touched by Eun-Ha’s unwavering optimism, finds himself drawn to her warmth and light.

Uhm Tae-Goo as Seo Ji-Hwan: A reformed gangster turned CEO who offers a helping hand to ex-convicts.

Han Sun-Hwa as Go Eun-Ha: A bubbly YouTuber known as “Mini Sister” who brings joy to children through her content.

Kwon Yool as Jang Hyeon-Woo: A prosecutor with a soft spot for Eun-Ha who becomes Ji-Hwan’s rival in love.

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