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Lee Mi-jin is a woman in her 20s who has been struggling to find a stable job for years. Despite juggling part-time work and certifications, she keeps coming up short. One day, her life takes an unexpected turn when she wakes up in the body of a 50-year-old woman named Im Soon. This strange transformation happens every sunrise, forcing Mi-jin to live a double life.

During the day, as Im Soon, she lands an internship at the Seohan District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Despite her age, Im Soon proves to be a highly skilled and resourceful intern, earning the nickname “all-rounder intern.” However, her boss, the stoic and dedicated prosecutor Kye Ji-woong, has little patience for mistakes.

As night falls, Mi-jin returns to her 20s. This allows her to pursue a normal life and continue her job search. But the situation gets complicated when Ji-woong becomes entangled with both Im Soon and Lee Mi-jin, unaware they are the same person.

Lee Jung-eun as Im Soon / Lee Mi-jin: A woman who leads a double life due to a strange transformation. As Im Soon, she’s a capable intern with a youthful spirit trapped in an older body. As Lee Mi-jin, she’s a determined young woman struggling to find her footing in the job market.

Choi Jin-hyuk as Kye Ji-woong: A meticulous and hardworking prosecutor known for his strict demeanor. He becomes increasingly intrigued by the mysterious intern Im Soon and her nighttime counterpart.

Jung Eun-ji as Lee Mi-jin: The 20-year-old version of Lee Mi-jin who juggles part-time jobs and dreams of landing a stable career.

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