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Jooshin High School is the ultimate prestige academy in South Korea. Founded by the powerful Jooshin Group conglomerate, students are practically chosen at birth to attend. This elite group includes:

Jung Jae-Yi (Roh Jeong-Eui): Daughter of the Jaeyool Group family, Jae-Yi embodies privilege and confidence.

Kim Ri-An (Kim Jae-Won): Heir to the Jooshin Group throne, Ri-An shoulders the burden of expectation.

Yoon He-Ra (Ji Hye-Won): Youngest daughter of the International Yoon trading company, He-Ra is a master manipulator.

Lee Woo-Jin (Lee Won-Jung): Second son of a powerful politician, Woo-Jin uses his connections to get what he wants.

Their world of wealth and status is disrupted by the arrival of Kang Ha (Lee Chae-Min). Kang Ha seems like an ordinary transfer student with a charming smile, but he harbors a secret that threatens to crack the foundation of Jooshin High’s rigid hierarchy.

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