Exhuma (2024) Korean Movie Watch For Free

“Exhuma” is a movie from South Korea that came out in 2024. It’s a story about a rich family in Los Angeles who start having weird and scary things happen to them. They ask two young shamans named Hwa-Rim and Bong-Gil for help. Together, they find out that these problems are because of a family ancestor’s spirit.

To fix things, they get help from Sang-Deok, who knows a lot about Feng Shui, and Young-Geun, who deals with funerals. They go to a small village in South Korea to find and dig up the ancestor’s grave. But the place they need to dig is known for bad luck, and when they open the grave, they release something evil.

The main actors in the movie are Choi Min-sik, who plays Sang-Deok; Kim Go-eun, who plays Hwa-Rim; Yu Hae-Jin, who plays Young-Geun; and Lee Do-Hyun, who plays Bong-Gil. There’s also Jeon Jin-Ki, who plays Park Geun-Hyeon.

People really liked the acting in the movie, especially how it showed Korean traditions like shamanism. But some said the story could have been told better. By March 2024, “Exhuma” had made more than $43 million, making it one of the top movies in South Korea for that year.

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