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The plot centers on a group of friends whose hidden secrets and dark pasts come to the surface after the suspicious death of one of their high school friends. This friend leaves behind a 5 billion won life insurance policy, sparking a complex investigation.

Jang Jae Kyung, an ace detective in the narcotics division, becomes embroiled in this case and is forcibly addicted to drugs as part of a larger conspiracy. The drama delves into the unraveling of a 20-year friendship amid themes of corruption and betrayal​.

Ji Sung as Jang Jae Kyung: A calm and methodical detective in the narcotics team of the Metropolitan Police Department. He inherits a 5 billion won insurance policy from a deceased high school friend, which triggers the central investigation.

Jeon Mi Do as Oh Yoon Jin: An economics editor at a local newspaper who was unfairly dismissed from a major daily. She returns to her hometown and is drawn back into her past when her friend dies, leaving a large insurance policy​.

Kim Kyung Nam as Won Jong Soo: A second-generation chaebol (rich heir), adding another layer of complexity to the plot.

The drama promises a gripping narrative filled with suspense and intense character dynamics, making it a must-watch for fans of crime thrillers.

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