Chief Detective 1958 (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Chief Detective 1958 is a crime investigation drama set in 1958 South Korea. It serves as a prequel to the series “Chief Inspector”. In a time before advanced profiling and CCTV, detectives rely on their instincts, wit, and determination to solve crimes.

The story centers around Park Young-Han, a passionate young detective played by Lee Je-hoon. Fueled by a sense of justice, he fights against violations of human dignity and tackles challenging cases alongside his fellow detectives.

Lee Je-hoon as Park Young-han: A detective fueled by righteous fury. He isn’t just angry, he’s a whirlwind of defiance against a system that crushes the downtrodden.

Lee Dong-hwi as Kim Sang-sun: Nicknamed “The Junkyard Dog,” this Jongnam detective isn’t polished, but his relentless tenacity makes him a formidable force.

Choi Woo-sung as Cho Kyung-hwan: Don’t let his aristocratic demeanor fool you. This Jongnam detective hides a steely resolve and a surprising amount of muscle beneath his tailored suits.

Yoon Hyun-soo as Seo Ho-jeong: An ambitious prodigy, Seo Ho-jeong isn’t your average rookie. He possesses an uncanny intuition and a hunger to become a legendary investigator, but can he trade his textbook knowledge for the harsh realities of the street?

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