Blood Free (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

In a world where lab-grown meat, spearheaded by the biotech giant BF, has replaced traditional animal agriculture, ethical questions simmer beneath the surface. Yoon Ja-Yoo, the visionary CEO of BF, and her co-founder, Dr. On San, are at the forefront of this revolution. However, their path is challenged by those who doubt the morality of BF’s methods.

Meanwhile, Woo Chae-Woon, a former elite naval officer turned bodyguard, enters their orbit. He’s tasked with protecting Ja-Yoo, who is not only the leader of BF but also a survivor of a life-altering attack. As Chae-Woon delves deeper, he uncovers unsettling truths about BF and the technology it champions.

Yoon Ja-Yoo (played by Han Hyo-Joo): The CEO of BF and a key figure in the development of cultured meat. Ja-Yoo is a complex character, driven by her vision for a better future but facing growing doubts about the path BF has taken.

Woo Chae-Woon (played by Ju Ji-Hoon): A former bodyguard who served in the military. After graduation from the Naval Academy, he now finds himself working as a bodyguard for Ja-Yoo. This puts him at the center of the drama’s suspense and intrigue.

On San (played by Lee Mu-Saeng): A Ph.D. in physiology and co-founder of BF alongside Ja-Yoo.

Blood Free is now streaming on HiTV